Lew & Co.


Lew & Co is a Talent Management Company. We work with a carefully curated group of directors, editors, vfx artists, producers and designers.

Think of us as your resource for filmmakers, creators, dreamers and storytellers.

We bridge the entertainment and advertising industries.

Lew & Co connects people, one relationship at a time.

Please take a look....

Sharon Lew began her career in commercial film production. Working her way up from receptionist to PA to Producer to Head of Sales at Crossroads Films. At the time, Crossroads was one of the premiere production companies in the U.S. and London. 

Sharon went on to launch Lew & Co. as an Independent Repping Company. 

Lew & Co has represented and consulted for many iconic commercial, music video and post-production companies.

Sharon has represented young filmmakers and nurtured them throughout their careers. Developing many notable directors and editors along the way. She has represented Quentin Tarantino, John Woo, Robert Rodriguez, Christopher Guest, Mark Pellington and Jesse Peretz to name a few of her favorites.

Sharon has a proven track record for launching many successful start-up production and post-production companies as well. She has been called on as a Consultant, a Recruiter, and an Executive Producer as well.

Sharon's special skill is crafting long term relationships and developing the synergy needed between artists and their clients.